A world over-amplified and speeding up.

The telescoping of industrialised environment, consumer spectacle, celebration, delirium, waste and war through time.

Our place in nature through architecture, machines, diagrams and mapping,

Work can also be seen as an outcome of past experience producing large scale graphic works with Greenpeace UK and painting nightclub interiors. 







TOD HANSON lives in London and Berwick upon Tweed

1992      M.A. Public Art, Chelsea College of Art, London.

1985     B.A. Graphic Design, The London College of Printing.



2020 ‘SPECTRA’ Mural for the London School of Economics, through Contemporary Art Society.

2016  ’POOL OF LONDON’ Acrylic on board painting for Hackney New School, London.

2015  ’GEO’ floor installation, Durbar hall, Hastings Museum. Part of Coastal Currents festival. Hastings.

2015   Balham High Street, London, Flank wall printed mural,Working with Architects Metropolitan Workshop. Commissioned by Wandsworth Council and Balham partnership. Through Modus Operandi.

2015   Balham Station, faience ceramic mural, London. Working with Architects Metropolitan Workshop. Commissioned by Wandsworth Council and Balham partnership. Through Modus Operandi.

2014  ’FORCE FIELD ARCADIA’ sculpture for the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park, London. Through Parabola.

2013   Stairway mural for the offices of  Canal and River Trust, Little Venice, London. Through Day+Gluckman.

2012   ‘CRENULATED ZOOM’ reception artwork for the Apex venue, Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk. Through Commissions East.

2012    Wall and floor Linoleum artworks for Zuilenselaan Sports hall, Municipality of Utrecht, Holland.

2011    ‘HORSEPOWER VAULT’ installation at Tattershall Castle, Lincolnshire. For the National Trust. Curated by Jane greenfield and Kate Stoddart.

2010    Stairway wall painting. The Storey Institute, Lancaster.

2010    ‘THE ELLIPTICAL SWITCHBACK’ Printed ceramic mural at Haggerston Station. London Overground, through Modus Operandi.

2008     Facade mural, Merchants Academy, Bristol. Through Gingko.

2007     ‘GABLE ENGINE’ Projected animation on building. Part of the Glow festival, Newcastle. Through Art Office.

2007     Cityscape wall artwork, from young peoples workshops at Toffee Park youth club, London. with Allchange Arts.

2006     ‘AIRSTRIP’ Tree installation. Art Trail at The Big Chill festival. Herefordshire. Curated by Alice Sharp.

2006     ‘HEXASPACE ACTIVATOR’ Hanging painted atrium sculpture for Tyne Tees TV. Gateshead. Through Commissions North.

2006     ‘DOT RIVETED DRAWING ROOM’ Temporary sculpture for the grounds of Cragside House, A National Trust property. Northumberland.

2004     ‘FAST TRACK DETOUR’ Installation in the main pool, Victoria Baths, Manchester. Curated by Alison Kershaw.

2003     Bronze cityscape sculpture for Grainger Town. In collaboration with artist Simon Watkinson, Central Station, Newcastle.

2003     Bar and dance hall mural for Bar Rouge, 31st floor of the Messe Tower, Basel, Switzerland.

2002     Ceiling Mural for Barouge, for architects Morphing Systems, The Swiss Expo. Switzerland.

1999      Lift mural for Welfare State International, Lantern House, Ulverston, Cumbria.

1999      Mural for Creative Playground design studio, St Moritz, Switzerland.

1998      Mural for BOX shop and club, Zurich, Switzerland.

1997      Tent decor for The Drum and Bass marque, Tribal Gathering dance festival. In association with Blagart.

1996      Tiled mural for Kingsland school (Petchey Academy) through Freeform arts, Hackney, London.

1993      Gateway wall painting for Tribe Of Mig sculpture park, NO MANS LAND, Potzdammer Platz, Berlin.

1991      Stair and lounge mural, The Brain Club, Soho, London

1991      Bar and cafe mural London School of Economics.

1991      ’BY BUY BYE’ unauthorised advert intervention, Central Line train carriage. London.

1988     Club decor for Voodoo Club, Lea Bridge, London.

1988     Club decor for Fight. Captains Cabin. Piccadilly  London.



2017    Waxwing gallery, with artists Tessa Merrie and Ben Inman. Berwick upon Tweed.

2013    Wall painting in Speaking Spaces. Collier Bristow gallery, London. Curated by Day&Gluckmann.

2013     ‘JET STREAM CIRCUS’ installation in The Hecklers, New Art Gallery Walsall, Curated by Cedar Lewisohn.

2012     ‘EVAPORATE SPOTLIGHT’ installation in Les Fleurs Du Mal, at BWA gallery, Wroclaw, Poland. Curated by Cedar Lewisohn.

2011     Wall painting and sculptures for Graphic Detour, The Museum Of Graphic Design, Breda, Holland. Curated by Erik Kessels.

2010     ‘FOSSIL BLOSSOM’ wall painting in Depot,  at Vulpes Vulpes, London. Curated by Stewart Gough.

2010     ‘JUGGERNAUT SUNSET’  installation at Landguard Fort in Suffolk, part of FLEET arts programe through Commissions East. Curated by Gavin Turk.

2009     Painted screens for House of Fairy Tales. Tate Modern, North Lawn.

2009     ‘EASY JET’ installation for Dumb Waiter, James Taylor Gallery, presented by Fieldgate Gallery.

2009     ‘SECURE EMPTY TRASH’ Wall paintings at Coalesce, Smart Project Space, Amsterdam. Curated by Pual O’neill.

2005     Wall Painting for COALESCE THE REMIX, Redux Space, London. Curated by Pual O’neill.

2004    Painting, Caution Uneven Surfaces, Temporary Contemporary, London.

2004     Wall Painting for Coalesce, Model Arts Gallery, Sligo, Ireland. Curated by Pual O’neill.

2003     7 Artists who disagree. Shuttle Gallery, London. Curated by Geraldine Swayne.

2002     ‘POOL OF LONDON’ Neither here nor there. London Print Studios Gallery, London. Curated by Martin Denyer.

2000     ‘TOO MUCH SPIRIT’   Russian/British exchange in conjunction with the Dom; The British Council and The  Foundry. A week of 50 artists, musicians and performers work in Moscow.

2000     ‘NEWCASTLE/GATESHEAD’ painting in  A History of the future, with Vuc Kosic. Baltic centre for contemporary arts lead-up programme, St Mary’s Church, Gateshead.

2000     ‘BREAK ACCELERATE’ wall painting at Globe Gallery, North Shields.

1999      ’RETAIL OUTLET’ wall painting at Airbag, Geneve, Switzerland.

1998      Bible of networking, at Sali Gia gallery, London.

1998      One night pub, at Unit, Copperfield Studios, London.

1998      ’SLUM’ installation at Klinik Morphing Systems, Zurich, Switzerland.

1997      ’CLOSE DOWN’ installation in the disused pub The Market Tavern, In collaboration with David Cotterel, Claire white and Jeremy Birkett, Broadway Market. London.

1997      ’POP SEWAGE’  installation at HYDRA live art event. In collaboration with Lee Walker, Jamie Lucy and Simon Griffths. London.

1996      ’INCOMER ISOLATED LEVEL 3 INTERLOCKED’ installation in empty house, Broadway Market, Hackney, London.

1995      ’AUSFLUG’ installation at The Parkhaus Gallery, Berlin.

1994      Brightstars, The Clove Gallery, London.

1988      Sweet Revulsion, St James Church, Piccadilly, London.



2018     Installation at Waxwing gallery, Berwick upon Tweed.

2008     ‘PRESSING INERTIA’ installation at Spike Island gallery , Bristol. Curated by Katie Daley Yates.

2006     ‘PARLOUR COLLIDER’ Installation for Jerwood Artists Platform. Cell Project Space. London.

2004     ‘BLANK’ Installation for the opening show at The Globe City Gallery, Newcastle on Tyne.

2004     ‘POLITE SOCIETY FUNCTION’ Installation at The Foundry Gallery, London.

1999      ’STEALTH’ installation at the Foundry. London

1997      ’ABSORPTION BRING BOTTLE’ Installation at the Rich and Famous gallery. London.

1995      ’THE CULTURAL INDUSTRIAL LUBRICANT’ Gallery Front Art SOS, Berlin.

1988      Paintings at The London Ecology Centre.



Starting in 1992 as a volunteer within the Military nuclear unit.

2002    ’FOREST SPIRIT’  15ft tall figure made from cardboard, delivering petition to save ancient forests, Downing Street, Whitehall, London.

1997     ‘NON’ invasion flags against nuclear testing. French Embassy. London.

1997     Speaker stack designs, NME stage, Glastonbury festival.

1995     Livery for CYRUS the mobile solar energy truck. Also facilitating the recording of ‘Girl with the sun in her head’ by Orbital.

1995     ‘PLUTONIUM BOMBING DOWN THE MOTORWAY’ billboards at M6 motorway service stations,  highlighting the transportation of weapons grade materials by road.

1993-7 8ft diameter painting of planet Earth, over the main stage Glastonbury festival.

1994     ‘RAINBOW DIGGERS’  2 JCB diggers, for NO NEW ROADS action.

1994     ‘FIASCO’  Ozone Campaign green refrigeration truck, targeting Tesco’s.

1994     ‘THE PLUTONIUM PLAYGROUND’ exhibition truck, highlighting the proposed T.H.O.R.P  Reprocessing plant at Sellafield.

1994     ‘SPARKY’ renewable energy  trailer.

1993     ‘NO NUCLEAR DUMPING’  banner hung from Westminster Bridge, London.



2011      Vlisco, Wax print textile factory, Helmond, Holland.

2004     3 months with Allenheads Contemporary Arts, Northumberland.

2003     3 months with Globe City Gallery. Newcastle.

2000     3 months with Northern Architecture. Newcastle.

1999      3 months with Welfare State International. Cumbria.



1986     Illustration and design for International Times (it)

1986     Venue decor for Psychic TV at the Marquee Club, Soho, London. A benefit gig for International Times.


ABSORPTION      Collaborative projects with Chris Brook.

Absorptions last incarnation was in 1997. as night club events, presenting music, film, installation and performance. Including The Highbury Working, a site specific reading with music and dancers, by graphic novel writer Alan Moore and Tim Perkins.