The Hecklers

Event:      Les Fleurs du mal (The Flowers of Evil)

Exhibition in BWA Wroclaw,

Start:   April 30, 2012 8:00pm

End: June 17, 2012 5:00pm

Venue: BWA GalleryAddress:  Ruska 46, Wrocław, Poland

Curated by Cedar Lewisohn

Charles Baudelaire’s classic collection of poems, Fleur du Mal, are widely regarded as master pieces of the genre.  Showcasing the thoughts of the isolated phantom who wonders the metropolitan landscape in search of some unobtainable respite to the conditions of modern life. This idea of the flâneur and the artist seeking salvation and beauty in an ever more morally corrupt world is central to the working methods and ideas of the group of artists in the exhibition. At once political and aesthetic, the works highlight a growing trend among artists working in the United Kingdom to mix historical reference points with an artistic practice that seamlessly merges with their everyday lives. The project will include photography, video, sculpture, installation and performance works, all of which represent the idea of the artist as a traveller though the urban landscape. The forms these territories take is however many fold, from the virtual spaces imagined by John Russell and created by Tod Hanson, to the political protests and conflicts captured in the photographs of Max Reeves or the Situationist drifts of Laura Oldfield Ford.  Kieron Livingstone and Ian Allison have produced a publication with satirises the British government’s austerity plans and has been re-printed in Polish especially for the exhibition. The People Speaks on- going project Talkaoke is platform for public debate that can take place anywhere in the city. It allows strangers who might normally never interact to have conversations and share ideas. By using unusual public distribution methods the publication also repurposes public space.  Emily McMehen’s travels take a more traditional form though her journey’s to Haiti which resulted in the film Lives of the Saints: Achante. Clunie Reid and Edwin Burdis both embrace a dark malaise that Baudelaire would have recognised well. For Reid this involves reworking images from the media to reveal new narratives dominated sleaze and the promise of desire. For Burdis, the world is seen as endless series of personal crisis which perhaps allude to some higher sense of spiritual disentrancement. Lastly kennardphillips and Francis Thorburn are both utopians at heart. Imaging a world free of injustice, but very much living in the world we have today. Through their work they set about out to confront these realities and change the future. In the end, what these entire artists share is not a geographic setting, but an attitude of defiance. They are the flowers breaking though the concrete.

Graphic Detour

Graphic Detour – Crossing Borders in European Design

Date: Sep 29 to Nov 25
Opening as part of the VIENNA DESIGN WEEK: Sep 28, 6.30pm
Opening hours: Tue to Sun 1-7pm (opening hours during VIENNA DESIGN WEEK and VIENNA ART WEEK: daily 10am to 7pm)
Venue: freiraum quartier21 INTERNATIONAL
Free admission

For the traveling exhibition “Graphic Detour – Crossing Borders in European design” of MOIT, Museum of the Image in Breda, the Netherlands, curator Erik Kessels brought together eight international graphic designers with eight companies of the Province of Brabant. The results of these collaborations are shown from September 29 to November 25 at freiraum quartier21 INTERNATIONAL. The exhibition opening takes place as part of the VIENNA DESIGN WEEK on September 28 at 18:30. A preview will be presented at 10:00 in a press tour.

Graphic design is not what it used to be. The time when art and design was still about ink on your fingers and individual skills seems to be far behind us. Current techniques have made these professions more transparent and accessible. This means that a lack of professional knowledge is no longer a problem; a lack of good ideas however, is. Disciplines such as fashion, photography, painting, architecture, advertising and graphic design have become porous. Artists and designers no longer work within one discipline but instead branch out into different domains. In this way, fascinating cross fertilizations arise. Artists now regularly make detours to graphic design while graphic designers move increasingly in the direction of art.

To celebrate this diversity “Graphic Detour “shows the work of artists who have crossed the boundaries of their discipline. These innovative talents work with different media and are modernizers with distinctive ideas.
By offering various companies a ‘blind date’ with these creative thinkers, new designs have emerged. Graphic Detour has become a meeting between artists and ceramicists, printers, carpenters and even candy manufacturers. The result is a collection of detours that lead us to a completely new territory.

Guest curator Erik Kessels selected and connected the eight companies with the eight artists: The British designer Daniel Eatock worked with KEMO, a company that makes models and prototypes. Damien Poulain from France is linked with confectionery company Jamin. Dutch artist Koen Taselaar works with metal manufacturer Metaalplan.
Other combinations are Marti Guixé (ESP) with packaging factory Kompak, Joachim Schmid (GER) with NPN Printers, Erik Steinbrecher (SUI) with the European Ceramic Workcentre, Tod Hanson (GBR) with textile manufacturer Vlisco and FUEL (GBR) with De Geus woodworking.

In addition to exhibiting the work that the artists made with the companies, “Graphic Detour” also shows their recent work. In this way, the exhibition provides an overview of the increasingly blurred boundaries of graphic design, developing into a completely new way of art.

Daniel Eatock (GBR) with KEMO
FUEL (GBR) with De Geus Jachtbouw
Marti Guixé (ESP) with Kompak
Tod Hanson (GBR) with Vlisco
Damien Poulain (FRA) with Jamin
Joachim Schmid (GER) with NPN Drukkers
Erik Steinbrecher (SUI) with Sundaymorning@ekwc / European Ceramic Workcentre
Koen Taselaar (NED) with Metaalplan

Curator: Erik Kessels
Coordination freiraum quartier21 INTERNATIONAL: Elisabeth Hajek
Coordination MOTI: Niels Engel

The exhibition is part of the quartier21 exhibition series “freiraum quartier21 INTERNATIONAL” in cooperation with the Federal Ministry for European and International Affairs, the Dutch Embassy in Austria and other partners from Austria and abroad.

Extended opening hours during the ORF Long Night of the Museums at MQ